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Shanghai Yinuo Instrument Co., Ltd. was established on 1999 focus on manufacturing PD Meter, but before this, Mr. Lee Hongchun
and Mr. Wang Yi set up Panjin Automation Instrumentation Co. in 1996 near Liaohe Oilfield for providing instruments including flowmeter
for this China second largest oilfield.
From 2003, Yinuo set up Marine Market office for PD Meter sales which is new big market different from before.
From 2005, Yinuo set up System Engineering Dept. for batch controller, loading system and EPC.and YINUO Automation Engineering Company in 2010.
From 2006, Yinuo set up International Trade Dept. for exporting PD Meter, Turbine, Vortex and Electromagnetic Flowmeter.
In 2008, Yinuo set up Joint-Venture Company in Russia for OEM instruments.
In 2009, Yinuo and Korvet set up Joint-Venture Company in Shanghai for pump manufacture.
In 2010, Yinuo and EMIS set up second Joint-Venture Company in Shanghai for international trade business.