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LZYN Series Mass Flow Meter

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Micro-bend Series
  • Micro-bend Series
  • Micro-bend Series

Micro-bend Series

This mass flowmeter operates on the principle of coriolis force,A pair of flow tubes fixed at both ends is excited by...


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LZYN-Micro-bend series -Coriolis mass flow meters are a major advance in mass flow measurement. These meters have got a precedent for accuracy and repeatability under a wide variety of flow conditions. The inherent precision has established it as a standard for numerous industrial applications. The ability of these meters to measure mass flow and density directly has led to their use in applications ranging from metering food products to corrosive chemicals. Coriolis meters have proven extremely reliable when metering noncorrosive fluids. The same reliability can be achieved in corrosive services if consideration is given to the compatibility of the process fluid with the sensor materials of construction. Coriolis technology appealed to us, after all, corilis is the most accurate technique abailable for measuring proecess mass and volume flows.

2.Principle and construction 

This mass flowmter operates on the principle of coriolis force. A pair of flow tubes fixed at both ends is excited by an electromagnetic oscilator to maintain oscilation at reasonant frequency. A tisit of these flow tubes takes place in proportion to the mass flowrate of the process material, which is sensed by the right-hand and left hand electromagnetic pockoff. The transmitter then sends their outputs to the receiving instrument as a mass flow signal.

● Compact design deduces piping space requirements
● You can reconfigure transmitter parameters using a finger touch on the touch panel.
● The sensor assembly is all welded stainless steel double-tube construction. Long service flie is attibuted to the absence of moving parts.
● High Accuracy Mass and Density (typically 0.1%)
● Low pressure drop
● Heavy wall tubing with improved performance for slurries, high pressures, and high pressure gases
● No straight upstream/downstream runs required
● Large turn-down (typically exceeds 40:1)
● Drainable sensor design
● Higher operating frequencies assure plant/process isolation and Fit and Forget mounting
● Excellent performance for solutions having entrained
air or other multi-phase mixtures
● Integral or remote transmitters
● typical water-based gravimetric calibration system on water  not affected by changes in viscosity, density,line pressure, temperature, or process fluid

G Type Coriolis Transmitter & D Type Coriolis Transmitter
G type coriolis transmitter is an analogtransmitter, which adopts traditional method to do the sampling and signal analysing.
D type coriolis transmitterutilizes DSP technologywhich greatly improves themethods of sampling, signal filtering, and signal analyzingforbetter performanceon accuracy and turndown.It especially enhances the accluracyunder low flow rate. It can be used for gas medium.
Difference between G TypeAnalog transmitter and D Type DSP transmitter


5. Specification of Function

5.3 Low Flow Cutoff
When the flow value measured is lower than the value of Low Flow Cutoff, the LZYN will output zero flow and the totaliser
will stop to accumulate. The value of Low Flow Cutoff is usually sets to be 1% of the maximum flowrate.


Outline Dimension (Shown in the following Drawings and Tables)




Model Selection


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